Dedicated Vehicle Specific Wiring

In a nutshell this is the ideal way that your electrics should be installed

This is because each kit is designed specifically for your vehicle rather than universal kits that would have to be soldered to connect the tow bar wiring.

Dedicated vehicle specific wiring takes longer to fit than universal wiring and is more complex to fit and to code the electrics to their vehicle.

Towbar Electrics Dedicated Vehicle Specific Wiring

Things to Consider

Vehicle Warranty

Dedicated vehicle specific electrics are essential to be fitted to maintain your vehicles warranty.

We recommend we fit dedicated electrics to your vehicle if it is in warranty unless you specifically request otherwise, for example it only has a few months left of warranty.

There are some vehicles that have to have this wiring at any time regardless of warranty, for example Ford Transit Custom.

Trailer Stability Control

Dedicated vehicle specific wiring will activate your cars trailer stability control function which is an addition to the vehicles normal stability control.

Other Towbar Features

Having dedicated vehicle specific electrics activates all the features your tow bar would have if it was factory fitted. Certain vehicles may require further software updates to get this activated, TrailerTREK will carry out this procedure for you.