A guide to towing a caravan

Learn what you need to know about towing a caravan

Towing your caravan may seem daunting, it may seem simple but before you do there are creation things you need to know first. If it seems daunting there are different places that you can practice, if you are just about to buy a caravan and you are buying from a commercial business they may let you have a go before buying by taking he caravan on to the road. There are also many caravans shows where you may be able to have ago with an instructor to hand.

Finally there will be be courses around the UK to be able to attend.

Legalities for towing a caravan

Before you go to tow your caravan you will need to make sure your driving licence gives you the entitlement to do so.

Full details can be found on our page here:

Driving Licence Rules

Before you even have a tow bar fitted make sure you let your insurance company know.

Full details can be found on our page here http:

Insurance Notification

Loading your caravan

Before you even set out on the road, you need to consider how to load your caravan.

Full details on how to load a caravan can be found on our page here:

Loading Your Caravan

On road driving guide to towing a caravan

While towing a caravan the way you drive will need to change to take into account the additional length and weight to your vehicle.

Full details of how to tow a caravan can be found on our page:

Caravan Towing

Learning how to reverse your caravan is also a procedure that people fell daunted about. As with new things practice makes perfect but we have put together some information to make it easier before you start, full details of how to reverse a caravan can be found on our page here:

Reversing Your Caravan