How to Load a Trailer

Always check the Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) (this means the trailer + the load) against the manufacturer's stated Maximum Towing Capacity for your vehicle.

Trailer weight

In addition to the manufacturer’s stated Maximum Towing Capacity figures, it is recommended that the weight to be towed should not exceed 85% of the total "kerb weight" of the towing vehicle.

The "kerb weight" is known as the weight of the vehicle plus a full tank of petrol and 75kg.

Kerb weight

The load must not overhang outside of the trailer because this can affect the stability of the trailer and is dangerous to other vehicles.
It is also illegal for the load to stick out beyond the edges of the trailer.

How to load

Distribute weight evenly as much as possible. Overloading one side or having excess weight toward the nose or tail of the trailer can seriously impact the stability of trailers.

Most trailers will have a stated "Recommended Nose Weight" which should be followed.