Loading your caravan

To make sure you have a safe journey, it's important to get the loading of your caravan correct from the start.

Check your towing weight

The first thing to do is a simple check of how much weight your car is allowed to tow.

It is best to check this from your VIN Plate on your car, most towbars can tow the maximin tow weight as described by the manufacturer.

More information about maximum towing weights can be found here:

Maximum Towing Weight

Measure the weight of accessories

It makes sense to measure the weight of accessories like canopies, groundsheets, awnings and such, and ideally keep a note to refer to it in the future.

How to load your caravan

Loading up depends on individual items and the type of car you have. Ideally put the heavy items in the car between the axles, leaving the best place for an awning in the space between the front and back seats. If it can’t fit in the car and has to go in the caravan, put them on the floor just before the axle making sure the weight is over both wheels – this helps road holding.

Do not put too much in the back of the caravan or fill the fridge in a rear kitchen, the more weight on the back will cause the dreaded snake swaying.

Do not fill the the top cabinets with heavy items because if there are winds this will increase the chance of being affected by the winds.

Measure your tow bar height – see more details here:

Towbar Height