Lost your car keys and need them recoded / reprogrammed..? Trailertrek Towbars Can Help….

Trailertrek Towbars Have The Key Coding Solution

Trailertrek Towbars can now offer customers an exciting new service – Key Coding. Trailertrek Towbars can now code customers car keys to there vehicles at home or at our unit on the Fletchamstead Highway in Coventry. Our diagnostic tool which is state of the art can code and re programme all vehicles allowing you to get on your way with minimal fuss.

Key coding At Trailertrek Towbars – Coventry

We at Trailertrek towbars can supply a car key and code it to your vehicle while you wait. Even if you don’t have the key we have the ability to code it using your vehicle’s ECU to import the data onto your new key allowing you to get underway.

Hassle Free Car Key Re-Programming and Car Key Coding at Trailetrek Towbars – Mobile car key coding service offered.

Trailertrek can code all car keys – Give us a call

Allow Trailertrek Towbars to Code Your Car Keys to your vehicle.

Trailertrek Towbars Can Code All Vehicle Car Keys –

Trailertrek Towbars Coventry have a dedicated fitting centre on the A45 Fletchamstead Highway next to Home Base. If you want us to code your keys pop in and we will get your key ordered and code it for you.

Simple, Cost Effective and Reliable Key Coding and Re-programming Service

We also fit towbars as well…..!!!
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