Range Rover Sport Tow Bar

Since 1948, Land Rover has been producing multipurpose off-road vehicles. They produce robust, roomy, and opulent four-wheel-drive vehicles, with an emphasis on SUVs and 4x4s. So no wonder there is a huge demand for Range Rover towbars. We at TrailerTrek can provide various types of towbars for cars and Range rovers are no different.

We provide fixed, swan neck, detachable, and flange variants of towbars for Range Rover. This includes a Range rover sport tow bar options because this variant is so popular.

Because your Range Rover deserves the best, the towbars we supply and fit are produced and fitted to the highest standards.

We understand also that you will need the very best towbar fitting options for your Range Rover Sport. For this reason we are very happy for you to call us and we can provide this.

From taking some basic details from you about your Range rover we can quickly locate the towbars that will fit your car. Just like with any towbars for cars there will be Fixed type options and Detachable types.

Which towbar fits my Range Rover Sport the best?

Range Rover Sport Tow Bar can be either the removable swan neck design towbar or the permanent flange towbar.

Once towing is done, the fixed flange towbar cannot be removed from the vehicle because it is permanently fastened to the chassis.

The only towbar style featuring a plate that enables the attachment of towing equipment while freeing up the towball for towing purposes is the fixed flange towbar. All types of cycle carriers, trailers, and caravans can be hitched up with the fixed flange towbar; however, an ALKO towball is needed when hitching a caravan with an ALKO stabiliser.

The detachable swan neck Range Rover Sport Tow Bar is readily removable by simply twisting and pushing the towbar neck off of the towbar. With a key, the detachable swan neck can be secured. Drivers of Range Rover Sport models with rear parking sensors are fond of the detachable swan neck Range Rover Sport Tow Bar because, when the neck is removed, the car reverts to its pre towbar condition and stops interfering with parking sensors when the car is in reverse.

Will a bumper cut be required?

To equip any of the towbars, the Range Rover Sport would need to have a little, unseen bumper removed underneath the tray. The good news is the driver would only notice the bumper cut if they were looking underneath the car. A larger bumper cut may be produced if the Land Rover Range Rover Sport is not equipped with a stock bumper or has been altered.

Using a Range Rover to tow

Land Rover makes reliable, fashionable vehicles like the Range Rover Sport aswell as off road vehicles so their vehicles are all set up for towing.

Many people want to know what the towing maximum of the Range Rover sport. The answer is The Range Rover Sport has a towing capacity of up to 3500kg.

Range Rover towbar electrical kit

Installing an electric kit in addition to your Towbar fitting is essential. It is usually advisable to install a suitable Land Rover towbar wiring kit because it will integrate seamlessly with your car’s electrical system.

Installation of towbars for Range Rovers and Land Rovers

We have an extensive team of towbar fitters, many of them are mobile towbar fitters. Having a towbar fitting provided by us guarantees a professional supply and fitting of Range Rover towbars.

Our full Towbars for cars service is based around our Mobile towbar fitting. Because we have mobile fitters we cover a large geographical area. This is around the Midlands and central areas of England. However it does stretch further than just the Midlands. Our mobile towbar fitting goes up to Wakefield in Yorkshire in the North to Milton Keynes in the South. As well as Cambridge in the East and Shrewsbury in the West.

Here is a list of Land Rover and Range Rover Towbars and car Models

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