Terms & Conditions

1. TrailerTREK Ltd

We are Trailertrek Ltd also trading under Trailertrek, Mobile Towbar Fit, Trailertrek Towbars and Towbar Fit, we are a company registered in England with Company Registration Number 07862684.  The Registered Office is the Trailertrek Towbars, Unit 196, Fletchamstead Highway Industrial Estate, Canley, Coventry, CV4 7BB. The terms and conditions refer to “Trailertrek”, “we”, “our” and “us” throughout the Terms and Conditions refer to this Company.

2. We are a VAT Registered Company

Our UK VAT Registration Number is 144536612.

3. How Do You Contact Us

Email trailertrek@gmail.com
Customer Service / Sales Lines – 0330 1133 977, 024 7640 2584, 0121 704 0108 or 07938 960 725
Write to us at our Head Office – Trailertrek Towbars, Unit 196, Fletchamstead Highway Industrial Estate, Canley, Coventry, CV4 7BB.

4. Quotation / Offer / Confirmation or Acceptance / Fitting

When you request a quotation and accept a quotation based on the information you have given us this is binding ie. You have agreed to purchase our services and have goods fitted by Trailertrek to your vehicle; this constitutes an offer.

Trailertrek will send you an e-mail confirming that we have received your vehicle details and location to be fitted. You need to read this email thoroughly and check that you have provided the correct details i.e. car make, model, style etc etc… Trailertrek Ltd cannot be held responsible for information you have provided that is inaccurate in any way as towbars and associated electrics will be bought in good faith and on your information. You have the opportunity to check this information and if it is incorrect you should contact us within 3 working days Monday to Friday (Not Saturday / Sunday) of the fitting so we do not purchase the incorrect items for your vehicle.

This confirmation email constitutes the “acceptance” of your order, irrespective of whether any payment has been taken previously by Trailertrek Ltd.

We make every effort to be able to fulfil your order and ensure your towbar fitting goes smoothly. Normally 3 days before the fitting we will contact the suppliers and order your goods to be delivered for your fitting / installation. We will only email or contact you if we are unable to supply or fit the towbar or other item to your vehicle. If we contact you and we are unable to supply the towbar or electrics due to a supplier or manufacturer problem then we will give you the option to move the booking (for free) to when we can get a towbar for your vehicle or give you a full refund of what you have paid.

Trailertrek Ltd source our towbars from different suppliers to ensure that we give the customer best value for money. Our suppliers are Tow Trust, Westfalia, Witter, PCT and Brink.

You should always plan to have your towbar installed several weeks before using it as there can be problems with manufacturers getting the towbars and this can cause undue delays. It is always best practice to get your towbar installed before booking a holiday as problems do occur with suppliers and manufacturers which are outside of our control. Trailertrek accepts no responsibility for loss of holiday time or vehicle time off the road due to a manufacturer or supplier issues; faulty or damaged goods. We endeavour to keep you updated but as towbars and electrics are purchased on a just in time basis we will not be responsible for towbar fittings not taking place due to manufacturer, supplier or other problems like staff sickness, traffic, vehicle problems etc. etc.

If Trailertrek Ltd is not able to fulfil the contract due to reasons beyond our control or any of the problems in the above paragraph then we will return your deposit / make a full refund.

These terms and conditions form the basis of our contract with you.
Trailertrek Ltd reserve the right to refuse to accept an order at any time and this is down to our discretion.

5. Treating People With Respect

We have a great customer service and sales team but what we will not tolerate is rude, abusive or aggressive phone calls to our team. We treat all of our customers with the respect they deserve and expect that you will do the same to our customer service / sales team.

If any of our customer service / sales team feel threatened or any of the above applies then the call will be terminated, your booking cancelled and any further service refused.

6. Booking Date

Trailertrek Ltd will give you a fitting date that is mutually agreeable to both parties. We DO NOT give fitting times as our fitters perform multiple installations each day and there are many variables per vehicle installation. We plan the fitting route around the installations we will be performing that day so we can ensure best value to our customers. If you need to know whether it will be an AM or PM installation please call the customer service team the day before the installation. This is because we will not know the exact route the fitters will take until the day before but still we can only indicate AM / PM due to the fact that some installations take longer than others.

If you do not ring the day before to find out whether the fitting will be AM or PM then the car is to be available for towbar installation for the whole day. A whole day is from 7am to 7pm.

Trailertrek Ltd will endeavour to honour all bookings however sometimes we need to change your booking due to availability of stock from our suppliers or circumstances beyond our control e.g. weather, sickness, accidents etc… If we need to change the date of your booking we will give you as much notice as possible however due to the tight timescales we work under e.g. ordering and fitter availability this can sometimes mean on the day. We will do our best to honour the fitting date as our business has been built on customer service but there can be exceptions as detailed above.

7. Where we can’t work (Health & Safety)

a. Our fitters cannot work on roads or other dangerous places e.g. multi storey car parks
b. Our fitters require room to park their vehicle near to your vehicle as the fitter will be using numerous tools to install the towbar and the towbar is a heavy item and we don’t want our fitters carrying the towbar too far.
c. Our fitters will not break the law when installing a towbar e.g. parking on double yellow lines.

8. What we expect our fitter to do

Our fitter will record by a mobile device the condition of the rear of the vehicle they are about to make an installation on.

The fitter will the make a second recording of the installation ensuring that there is no damage caused. The customer will be normally present during this phase however is not essential as the video is proof that we have installed the towbar and not caused damage to your vehicle.
We are not liable for any damage done to your vehicle before the installation or after the installation. We are not responsible for any damage to the vehicle when we have left the fitting. Normally you will be shown the workmanship but as some customers cannot be present at the finish of the fitting our video forms the basis of our work and demonstrates that no damage was caused.

Sometimes we are unable to install a towbar due to corrosion on the chassis. If your vehicle is corroded we will not fit the towbar and will stop the installation and explain your options. If this is the case we will only charge for the work carried out on your vehicle as this is a fitting slot. You will therefore be liable for our costs as we have in good faith attended your address and tried to fit the towbar. We are unable to carry the cost of the fitting if your vehicle is corroded and will refund the money you paid to us less the deposit as this will cover our costs of ordering the bar, restocking, petrol, fitter time and wear and tear.
A video and / or diagrammatic record of visible damage existing on your vehicle will be made by our technician before starting work on your vehicle. We exclude all liability for repair of damage, whether visible or not, existing before we began to work on your vehicle.

9. What you can expect from Trailertrek Ltd

Trailertrek Ltd will not be liable for any monetary losses / holiday cancellations / deposits etc that arise due to any delays to, or complications with, the fulfilment of an Order ie. Fitment of your towbar or other aftermarket accessory.

You should arrange the installation of your towbar or accessory well before any planned holiday or break. Holidays should only be booked after installation of the towbar and when it has been checked and tested for use with caravans, trailers, cycle carriers etc.

Trailertrek Ltd have the best towbar fitters the industry has and we are confident that we will perform our service right first time every time to the best of our ability. However sometimes damage can occur when installing a towbar to your car; this can be minor scratches, broken catches or cracked lens to your vehicle. What we say is that if the damage occurred before our installation or after the installation when we have left site we ie. Trailertrek will not be responsible. If the damage occurred during the installation we will repair the vehicle using our contacts.

We will not reimburse or compensate you for loss of income, loss of the use of your vehicle, loss of business profits or economic loss whether indirectly or consequential loss suffered by you as a result of our work.

DO NOT instruct a third party to look at the vehicle until we have been given the opportunity to rectify the problem you are having. This will be within 10 working days of receiving your written confirmation this can include email. Instructing a third party to look or interfere with the electrics or towbar will void your warranty. A third party would be a dealership, accident management company, AA, RAC, Green Flag, Garage or any other person whether qualified or not.

If for example you allow a dealership or an accident management company to manage the repair process in relation to your vehicle, without Trailertrek Ltd giving prior approval in writing / email then we will not be liable for the costs and you would be liable for the full costs.

Trailertrek Ltd must in all circumstances be allowed to remedy / rectify / make good any issues / problems you have with your vehicle.

Please be aware the costs to the dealership and accident management company will be your personal liability and you may be at significant financial risk if you choose to use their services.

10. What happens if I want to cancel my towbar fitting?

When you accept our offer to supply / install an aftermarket accessory to your vehicle e.g. towbar / tow step, pay a deposit and book in for a fitting date this means that we will then order your towbar / accessory to be installed on your vehicle and as such Trailertrek Ltd will of incurred a cost.

If you cancel when you have booked in with us we will have incurred costs e.g. purchase of towbar, purchase of electrics, wire and the booking of an installation spot. (Towbars are specific to your vehicle as are electrics.)

If we have not incurred any costs you will not be charged or lose your deposit.

If you cancel your fitting / installation within 3 working days you will lose your full deposit however we will refund the rest of the money you have paid for the fitting.

Why do we say this..? The reason why we say this is because we will have incurred the costs as detailed above and will of wasted a fitting slot which could have been used for an installation. We are not responsible if you amend / alter / cancel your fitting slot as Trailertrek Ltd need to ensure all our fitting slots are filled to make a profit.

If you choose to book in again you will have to pay a second deposit to cover the installation spot in our diary and to prevent further cancellations which would thus cost our company money.

What happens if I’m down the bottom of the garden, asleep, not in, don’t hear the fitter or miss the towbar installation through these or other circumstances …? Trailertrek Ltd will not be responsible for you missing the fitting slot. We will endeavour to call you on the contact number provided and will knock on your door several times to get you to come to the door. We can’t hang around waiting for you to return as our terms indicate that the car should be available for the whole day and we plot our fitting route around the installations we have on that day. A missed installation will mean loss of a fitting slot and charges to us regarding sending your bar and electrics back to the manufacturer. If we leave your address t go to the next fitting it is highly likely that we will not be able to return that day as we have a schedule to keep. In these circumstances you would lose your deposit.

11. Payment

Trailertrek Ltd take a deposit which is 50% of the total booking.

The balance is payable to the fitter or office on completion of the towbar installation on the same day as fitting. Balances outstanding after 24hrs of the towbar fitting may be subject to an administration fee of £25.

Payment is preferred on credit, debit card or BACS transfer.

We don’t like taking cash as the bank charge us to deposit and we don’t take American Express or SOLO due to the charges.

If you fail to pay after the installation / completion of the towbar fitting or other aftermarket fitting we will add an additional charge of £25 to cover our admin, associated accounts / office costs in chasing payments. This is our standard late payment charge and is binding after booking an installation.

Duplicate invoices will be charged at £10 this will cover the administration costs within our office.

12. What do we do if we remove parts from your car?

With the exception of Warranty work to which Trailertrek will remove faulty parts and replace with fully guaranteed working parts.
We sometimes have to remove crash beams from your vehicle to install the towbar. If we remove the crash beam which is totally correct we will leave the crash beam with you should you ever wish to take the towbar off the car. We are not legally allowed to take the crash beam away with us as and it has to stay with customer.

13. Website Terms and Conditions

Trailertrek Ltd reserves the right to add, remove or amend the terms and conditions contained in this site without prior notice. An abbreviated terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the email conformation.

14. Trailertrek Ltd Website

The website is the copyright of Trailertrek Ltd and must not be altered, copied, published, distributed without prior written consent by Trailertrek Ltd. We link to other websites and we are not responsible for the content of these websites. You use our website at your own discretion and risk and should use a anti-virus program on all material downloaded from the internet.

15. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales. You hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of courts in England and Wales in all disputes arising out of or relating to the use of this website.

16. Disclaimer: Corrosion / Incorrect parts / Incorrect Information provided by the customer

Before the installation commences the fitter will check the towbar mounts for corrosion. If corrosion is found that will prevent safe fitting of the towbar the fitters will halt the installation and we will be unable to fit your towbar.

Trailertrek Ltd take all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the information for the fitting and will order the correct towbar from the manufacturers however sometimes manufacturers deliver incorrect part or towbars. We will not accept responsibility for the delivery or non delivery of towbars that affect your installation date as this is outside of our control.

Trailertrek Ltd is only as good as the information supplied by the customer. As every towbar and electrics are different we rely on the customer knowing what make and model there car is and whether it is hatchback, saloon or estate etc… If a customer give incorrect information we will not accept responsibility and the customer could lose their deposit as a result of a incorrect information being supplied as we will have booked and lost an installation slot.

17. Disclaimer: Parking Sensors

If your car is equipped with rear parking sensors, we do not recommend the fitment of any fixed flange or swan neck towbar. The only way to fully guarantee that your parking sensors will not pick up the towbar neck is to have a detachable towbar fitted. If you choose at your discretion to have a either a fixed flange or swan neck towbar fitted, Trailertrek Ltd will not be held liable if your parking sensors pick up the towbar neck. In such circumstances it may be possible to upgrade the towbar neck to a detachable and we will provide you with a quotation to do this but this will incur an extra installation slot and ordering of a new towbar which will be at the customers cost.

18. Alko Stabilisers and Alko Towballs

Some caravans are equipped with an Alko Stabiliser and require an alko ball to be used with them which has a longer neck. You must inform us at the time of booking confirmation if you intend to tow a caravan equipped with an Alko stabiliser. We cannot be held responsible for customers not knowing what chassis their caravan has.

Alko stabiliser requires extra clearance for the towbar and therefore require an alko ball to be fitted. Fixed swan neck, detachable swan neck, and detachable flange towbars usually have this clearance as standard. If you choose a fixed flange towbar, you must also order a compatible Alko towball. You may provide your own towball for our fitter to fit, but in this case we do not offer a guarantee for the condition of the towball. Trailertrek Ltd will not be held liable for any damage to your car or caravan caused by using a caravan equipped with an Alko stabiliser with a non-compatible towball. It is for the customer to check for clearance between the stabiliser and the car before towing.

Alko stabilisers require the paint to be removed from the towball before towing to prevent contamination of the stabiliser friction pads. Our fitter will not do this for you, and it is your responsibility to do it after the towbar fitment. Lightly rub the towball head with sand paper to remove some of the paint from it. Stabiliser grip at the sides so paint should be removed from the sides of the towball as well.

19. Faults

Your towbar installation will be tested by our fitter at the time of installation. However, if you discover a fault with your towbar or wiring you should inform us immediately.

We will arrange for our fitter to call out at the earliest available time. Please note that if we discover that any fault is not related to our installation, there is a £50 + vat call out fee. This is simply to cover our costs of coming out to you.

We will not pay any charges from any 3rd party unless they are agreed by us in advance.

Bulb failures and fuses blowing in connection with the towbar installation are not covered by your warranty and are chargable. If we attend and find that the issue is a bulb or fuse failure we will charge you £90 +VAT for attending the call out and diagnosing the problem.

20. Guarantee

Trailertrek Ltd offer a 12 month guarantee on the installation of your towbar and electrics. We shall free of charge repair any faults that appear and you report to us during this time.

In respect of all goods manufactured and supplied to us by third parties we will pass on to you (in so far as possible) the benefit of any warranty given to us by such third parties and will (on request) supply to you details of the terms and conditions of such warranty and copies of any relevant product information sheets, technical data sheets or product leaflets issued by third parties and you shall be solely responsible to the entire exclusion of us for complying with all of these.

Our liability under this Condition shall be to the exclusion of all other liability to you whether contractual, tortious or otherwise for defects in the goods and/or cost of labour or for any loss or damage to or caused by the goods and all other conditions, warranties, stipulations or other statements whatsoever concerning the goods, whether express or implied, by statute, at common law or otherwise howsoever, are hereby excluded in particular (but without limitation of the foregoing) we grant no warranties regarding the fitness for purpose, performance, use, nature or merchantable quality of the goods, whether express or implied, by statute at common law or otherwise howsoever.

21. Conditions

Trailertrek Ltd guarantee applies 1yr from the date of original purchase.
Guarantees are not transferable and only apply to the person who made the original purchase.

Please ensure you retain your invoice, as proof of purchase is necessary before work can be carried out under the guarantees.

These guarantees do not cover any defect caused by reasonable wear, tear or corrosion, or any costs incurred through loss of use. Manufacturer’s conditions of sale apply to all goods sold.

These guarantees do not extend to any monetary or compensatory claim, in particular consequential or additional losses.

All Trailertrek Ltd guarantees are in addition to your statutory rights.