Towbar Fitting Lichfield

We are a well established towbar fitting Lichfield firm that serves the geographic areas in and around Lichfield.

If you are in Lichfield, we are one of the largest towbar fitting company serving that area.

Areas in and around Lichfield are:

Alrewas, Armitage, Boley Park, Boney Hay, Bourne Vale, Chadsmead, Chasetown, Curborough, Fazeley, Hammerwich, Highfield, Leomansley, Longdon, Mease Valley, Shenstone, St John’s and Whittington.

The district of Lichfield is a large area. It is is named after its largest settlement, the city of Lichfield, which is where the district council is based. The district also contains towns nearby like Burntwood and Fazeley. It is also surrounded by many villages that are in rural areas. One such rural area is Cannock Chase, a designated area of outstanding natural beauty.

The postcode ares of Lichfield are WS13 and WS14.

What is a tow bar?

A tow bar, also known as a trailer hitch or tow hitch, is a device that connects to the back of a vehicle and allows it to tow or pull trailers, caravans, boats or other non-motorised or motorised vehicles. It functions as a connection point for the trailer’s secure attachment to the towing vehicle.

Tow bars come in a number of shapes and designs, but they are normally made of a metal bar or frame that is securely secured to the chassis or frame of the towing vehicle. A hitch ball, also known as a coupling, is positioned at the end of the tow bar and attaches to the hitch receiver on the trailer or object being towed. The hitch ball enables the trailer to swivel and move independently of the towing vehicle while maintaining a strong connection.

Tow bars are commonly used for a number of purposes, including recreational towing (e.g., pulling boats or campers), cargo trailer transfer and business towing, such as hauling construction equipment. It is vital to choose the right tow bar and hitch system for your specific towing needs, taking into account factors including trailer weight, load type, and vehicle towing capacity. Furthermore, it is vital to ensure that the tow bar is properly installed and maintained for safe and efficient towing.

Trust our Expert Mobile Towbar Fitters.

TrailerTREK Towbars is well-known for its towbar fitting Lichfield services.

After contacting us, we can research the appropriate towbar for your vehicle from literally hundreds of towbars on the market.

We have a friendly and courteous team that will answer tall your questions. They will gather a few facts from you before recommending the best towbars for your vehicle.

Certain cars may have unique specifications. As a result, it is critical to select the appropriate towbar for your vehicle.
We supply and install towbars for vehicles of all makes and models.

There is no reason to limit yourself to your vehicle manufacturers towbars. There is a much larger selection available from many big UK manufacturers that will fit your vehicle.
The term “Type A approved towbar” refers to towbars that meet the same quality standards.

We handle everything from recommending the best towbar for your car to outlining the benefits and drawbacks of each towbar option before installing it.

There are four types of towbars:

A towbar’s style determines which category it belongs to. There are numerous manufactured towbars for vehicles within each towbar design available.

Fixed Towbars

Fixed towbars are permanently attached to the vehicle and offer a strong, rigid connection for towing. They are really simple and affordable. However, they are constantly visible and can be inconvenient when not in use.

Detachable Towbars

Detachable towbars can be removed when not in use, giving the vehicle a more polished appearance. They are available in both vertical and horizontal detachable shapes. Horizontal detachable towbars often need less manipulation and are easier to remove.

Swan Neck Towbars

These towbars feature a single, curving neck that extends from the vehicle’s back. They feature a clean and unobtrusive design. However, the design may limit the types of couplings and accessories that can be employed.

Flange ball towbars

Flange ball towbars have a square or rectangular plate with a towball attached. They are versatile and can accept a wide range of coupling types and attachments, such as cycle carriers and stabilisers.

Our mobile towbar fitters will advise you on which solutions are ideal for you.

Towbars typically require electrical work.
For example, connect the brake, indicator, and trailer lights.
Electrical connections must meet regulatory criteria and ensure safety, so we do not recommend making them yourself.

Trust the experts and make your enquiry to us today.

We feel we will provide excellent value for money, and remember that all of our towbar fitting work comes with a 12-month guarantee.

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