Towbars For Cars

Towbars for cars are devices that attach to a vehicle’s chassis and allow it to tow trailers, caravans, and other towable things. Towbars come in a variety of styles, each with their unique set of qualities.

Here are the common types of towbars available:

Fixed towbars:

Fixed towbars are permanently mounted on the vehicle and are constantly visible. They offer a reliable towing solution and are frequently less expensive than alternative options.
Advantages: Simple and durable design; often less priced.

Detachable towbars:

Detachable towbars can be removed when not in use, giving the vehicle a clean, uncluttered appearance.
Advantages: aesthetically beautiful when not in use, and the ability to remove the towbar when not required.

Swan Neck Towbars:

Swan neck towbars include a single, curved neck that links to the towball. They’re noted for their sleek and small design.
Advantages: Clean appearance, and generally compatible with parking sensors.

Flanged Towbars:

Flange towbars feature a visible towball and a separate mounting plate. They are adaptable and may be paired with a variety of accessories, including cycle carriers.
Advantages: Versatile, can be used for a variety of towing applications.

Retractable Towbars:

The retractable towbars can be folded or retracted when not in use. They provide a compromise between fixed and detachable towbars.
Advantages: When not in use, the design saves space and gives a cleaner appearance.

How to choose the right towbar for your Car

When selecting a towbar for your car you should consider the following factors.

Vehicle Compatibility: Make sure the towbar is compatible with your car’s make and model.

Towing Capacity: Make sure the towbar’s towing capacity is adequate for your needs.
Consider how frequently you’ll be towing and whether you prefer a permanently visible towbar or one that can be removed for a neater appearance.

Legal and Safety Compliance: Ensure that the towbar and its installation adhere to local rules and safety standards.

It is best to have a towbar professionally installed to ensure correct installation and compliance with safety requirements. You can see and read all about our towbars for cars with links to all the towbars for major makes and models of cars.

To help in finding the right towbar for car there are some other things to think about.

What is the towing capacity of your car.

You may find out your car’s towing capacity by studying the owner’s manual or contacting the manufacturer beforehand. This information is critical since exceeding the towing capability can cause safety issues.

What will you be towing?

Consider what you’ll be pulling behind you. Towbars are built for a variety of applications, including trailers, caravans, boats, and bike racks, among others. The nature and weight of the load have an impact on the towbar selection.

Take a look at the compatibility:

Make sure the towbar is suitable with the exact make and model of the vehicle you plan to use it with. Some cars may have particular specifications. Because of this, it is critical to choose a towbar that is appropriate for your car.

We supply and fit towbars for all makes and models of cars. From Alfa Romeo to Volvo towbars we do them all.

We supply towbars from all the major towbar manufacturers like:
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Towbars for all Makes and Models of cars

Whatever car you have got we can can supply a towbar to fit. Some people believe that the only towbar that fits their car is made by their car manufacturer. This is not the case. This is why we supply towbars from the major manufacturers in the UK.

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