Towbars Milton Keynes – How to Choose the Right Caravan Towbar for Your Car

We are one of the largest companies offering towbars Milton Keynes. We are able to provide such a great service because of our mobile towbar fitting.

What is a towbar?

Although tow bars exist in a variety of forms and styles, they usually comprise a metal bar or frame that is fastened firmly to the towing vehicle’s chassis or frame. A hitch ball or coupling that attaches to a matching hitch receiver on the trailer or other item being towed is located at the end of the tow bar. The hitch ball keeps the trailer securely attached even when it pivots and moves apart from the towing car.

Tow bars are frequently employed for a variety of tasks, including business applications like towing construction equipment and recreational uses like hauling boats or campers. More so in the UK they are used for towing caravans.

It’s crucial to choose the right tow bar and hitch system for your particular towing requirements, taking into account things like the trailer’s weight, the kind of load being pulled, and the vehicle’s towing capacity. For safe and effective towing, it’s also critical to make sure the tow bar is mounted and maintained correctly.

How to choose the right towbar for towing a caravan

As said previously in the UK towbars are used for towing caravans.
After all it is an affordable way to take a holiday.

However safety is paramount before towing a caravan and finding the right towbar is part of that.

First of all, think what is the weight I will be towing? It’s important to account for the weight of the caravan, its belongings, and all of your camping gear because they can mount up!
When choosing a tow bar, make sure it’s the right kind for the job by looking up the suggested weight restriction.

The three types of Towbars

Flange Towbars

The first is the flange towbar, which is the most often used in the sector. The people that drive long distances with huge cars and caravans are the ones who use this the most. This is because there are several partner accessories that can help with the towing process, like bumper guards, drop plates that allow you to change the height of the tow bar, and pin-style towballs.

This is arguably the most adaptable towbar type available

The other benefits of flanged towbars are:
Suitable for use with electric kits, cycle carriers, and other equipment.

There are various towballs (pin or nato) available.
Drop plates can be used to change towing heights.

Flange Towbars’ disadvantage

An additional fee for towball purchases
When not in use, the towbar is visible.
When not in use, the electrics are visible.

Swan Neck Towbar

The Swan Neck tow bar is becoming more and more well-liked in the UK because it stands out from other varieties with its clean, curved and smooth appearance. The ‘L’ shaped bracket can be fixed or welded to your automobile, depending on your option, then the bar is installed on the vehicle like any other towbar, giving it the same pulling strength.

There are attachments available for this towbar, but it cannot be used to tow and carry bikes simultaneously, which may be a deal breaker for certain families.

The Swan Neck towbar’s benefits

Good looking rounded “L” shape design.
The clearance and angle are appropriate for Alko stabilisers.
Reverse sensors won’t activate while you’re not towing.
Drawbacks associated with the Swan Neck towbar.
It is not possible to install various towball types.
A little more costly than Towbars with Flange.
does not function in conjunction with a cycle carrier, but a flange towbar does.

Detachable towbars

Detachable tow bars are becoming a popular option for drivers who may not be on the road as much.

Benefits of Detachable Towbars

Easily installed and taken off in a matter of seconds when not in use.
The eco system is useful, safe, and secure.
suitable with stabilisers made by Alko.
Detachable towbars’ drawbacks.
Not compatible with bumper protectors.
Not suitable for use when hauling a cycle carrier.
Not suitable with every type of bike rack.
It just needs to be decided what your demands are and which of these towbars best meets them. Each of these models has its own distinct features, styles, and peculiarities.

Mobile towbar fitting Milton keynes

If you are searching for towbars Milton Keynes and want a towbar to be fitted for towing a caravan we are very well experienced. We have fitted literally thousands of towbars not only in Milton keyenes but other parts of the central England area.

Milton Keynes is a city in Buckinghamshire, England, about 50 miles (80 km) north-west of London. Milton Keynes area is a large area to serve. This is where our mobile towbar fitting helps in that we can come to our clients and fit the towbar. Our towbar fitters work 6 days a week so arranging a convenient time is absolutely no problem.

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