Kia Towbars fitted at home or at your workplace

Mobile tow bar fitting for Kia towbars

Kia Towbar Fitting

If you are looking for Kia towbar fitting we can supply and fit tow bars for the majority of Kia models, please check the list below for the Kia model that you are looking for.

We only fit quality tow bars to all of the Kia range which enables you to tow everything from a small trailers to large caravans.

List of Kia towbars and car models

If you don't see your model listed please call for a quotation as our towbar manufacturers update their stock on new vehicle on a monthly basis.

Kia Towbars that are Type Approved

There are many Branded towbars approved suitable as a Kia tow bar.

These are known as Type Approved tow bars. These are tow bars specifically manufactured and approved to be of the same quality as the vehicle manufacturer’s so meaning they are as safe and are legal.

A Type Approved tow bar will have a label, data plate or stamp showing an "E" No like E11*0001*02. This figure denotes that it is EC Approved in the UK (E11), has an approval number (0001), of EC Document revision 2.

Within each model of Kia car there might be a saloon version, an estate or even a cabriolet version, don’t worry we have all the major brands of towbars available, if a Type Approved tow bar exists for your Kia car you can be assured we can fit it for you.

You can have complete confidence because your Kia towbar will have been designed for your model and it will be mounted to the points of your car as specified by the manufacturer.

Our Professional Fitters

We only use our own employed fitters to fit our Kia towbars, we do not use 3rd party or sub contractor fitters. We have a great team of professionally trained NTTA fitters that will come to your home or work whichever is more convenient to fit your Kia tow bar.

Kia Towbar Electrics

Modern cars are becoming ever more complex and this means fitting tow bar electrics can be difficult

It is important to match the electrics to how you will be using your tow bar. For instance if you are towing a caravan the electrics would need to be different to those for a cycle carrier for instance.

We at TrailerTREK can give you advice but for your information here is what you need to consider.

STEP 1 - Choose the Kia Towbar You Want

STEP 2 - Choose the Kia electric socket type

STEP 3 - Choose which Kia tow bar wiring option you want from universal wiring or dedicated wiring

Universal WiringRead More
Dedicated Vehicle Specific WiringRead More