Audi Towbar And Vehicle Dedicated Specific Electrics.

Audi Towbar Fitting
Audi Towbar Fitting And Vehicle Specific Dedicated Electrics

Trailertrek Towbars are the Midlands Premier Towbar Fitting Company. We are fit 1000’s of towbars and vehicle specific dedicated electrics every year. When selecting the correct electrics for your Audi vehicle always consider vehicle specific electrics. We will only install this type of electrics to your vehicle if it is within your Audi warranty as installing any other electrics could invalidate it.

Audi Q8 Towbar Fitting
Professional Installation Of Towbars & Dedicated Electrics To Your Audi Vehicle.

We Supply & Fit Quality Towbars & Dedicated Electrics To Your Audi.

At Trailertrek Towbars our installation and auto electric engineers are trained to the highest standards. What out installation engineers don’t know about dedicated vehicle specific electrics probably isn’t worth knowing. We fit right first time every time. We have the coding tool that has the Audi released towbar fitting codes on tt which allows us to correctly install and code your electrics to your vehicle. Some companies just wire in the dedicated electrics expecting you to to take the vehicle back to Audi to be coded. At Trailertrek Towbars we are a one stop shop we do it all for you so you can hitch up and go.

Audi Q3 Towbar Fitting
We code the dedicated electrics to your vehicle “One Stop Shop”

Towbar Fitted Right First Time Everytime

The wiring harness’s for the dedicated vehicle specific electrics are made bespoke for your vehicle and do not fit any other vehicle. They operate seemlessly with your vehicle and we code them to activate all the safety features in your car that are already pre-programmed. You can be sure be sure that your Audi motor vehicle is in safe hands when you allow Trailertrek Towbars to professionally install your towbar dedicated electrics to your pride and joy.

Your Audi Is In Safe Hands

Call us now to speak with our dedicated team and we will talk you through the towbar installation process.
Professional Towbar Fitting
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