Getting The Interior Of Your Caravan and Motorhome Ready for Your Next Holiday – Handy Tips

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During lockdown we probably have all had lots of time on our hands at home. This could of be the perfect opportunity to give your leisure vehicle a thorough clean inside.

Bathroom and Toilet –

Using bicarbonate of soda or a manufacturer approved cleaning solution wipe down all exposed surfaces int he wash room. Toilet cassettes need cleaning so to prevent them from getting a bit niffy clean them out to ensure that there is no build up of grime. Leave the manufacturer approved cleaning product in the toilet for around 8 hrs with some water this will ensure that its clean. The rubber seal around the toilet cassette can degrade so ensure its kept clean. You can buy refresh kits which give you a new cassette and toilet seat for around £90 from caravans and camping shops. After you have cleaned the rubber lip just smear a little olive oile on is to keep it moist.

Toilet Cassette Cleaning

Ensure you have a look at the flush tank and make sure that is thoroughly cleaned out or build up of grime and dirt can come out when you push the flusher. This will ensure your toilet is tip top and clean.

Fridge, Oven and Kitchen Area –

Most fridges and freezers need a good clean at the end of each season. I tend to leave the door slightly ajar so the fridge can breath but make sure your electrics are off otherwise it will drain your battery.

Fridge Freezer

Never be tempted to use household products on the fridge freezer always use the manufacturer approved products to keep your warranty; although bicarbonate of soda with warm water will do as an alternative.

The oven normally rarely gets used but if you have used it make sure its clean using the appropriate cleaning solutions or warm water and soap or mild detergent with a cloth or a sponge. Don’t use anything abrasive as this will harm the enamel. Probably very obvious but make sure the appliance is switched off before cleaning…..!!!!

Caravan Oven – Sparkly Due To Not Being Used….

Freshen up your cold and hot water tanks and make sure they are sterilised before your trip. Also remember to run through some cold water so you are not drinking the sterilised water….!!!

Seats and fabrics in the van or motorhome.

Seats and fabrics in the motorhome get a pounding as they are in use constantly from adults, children and pets (!)…

Spillages and accidents do happen and they need to be cleaned up quickly to avoid staining or marks appearing. Check out the manufacturers instructions on cleaning products but there are many good ones out there that can clean your upholstery properly.

Bailey Unicorn – Upholstery

Enjoy your holiday with a clean and tidy caravan / motorhome

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