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Towbars are very popular particularly in the UK. A towbar is fitted so it can pull something like a trailer or a caravan this is why towbar fitters service is in such a demand.

What is a towbar

A towbar, also known as a tow hitch or trailer hitch, is a device attached to the rear of a vehicle that enables it to drive or tow trailers, caravans, boats and other auxiliary vehicles or equipment. Towbars are used to connect the pulling vehicle to the towed vehicle or trailer, allowing them to move as a single entity.

Here are the fundamental towbar components and varieties:

Receiver Hitch:

This is the primary component of the towbar, which is typically affixed on the back of the vehicle being towed. It features a tube or orifice that can accommodate a detachable hitch ball, pintle hook, or other towing accessory.

A hitch ball is a sphere-shaped attachment that slides into the towbar’s receiver tube. It is utilised for hauling trailers that have a compatible hitch coupler and is available in various sizes. A securing mechanism such as a pin and clip is used to secure the hitch ball.

Some towbars replace the hitch ball with a pintle hook, which is a heavy-duty, loop-shaped attachment that attaches to the lunette ring of the trailer. Heavy loads, such as military equipment and industrial containers, are frequently towed with pintle hooks.

Attached to the towbar, safety chains provide an additional layer of protection in the event that the trailer or towed vehicle becomes detached from the towing vehicle. They are crossed under the trailer tongue to form a cradle that will capture the trailer in the event of separation.

Wiring and Electrical Connectors:

Numerous towbars include electrical connectors that permit the towing vehicle to communicate with the trailer or towed vehicle’s lighting, brakes, and turn signals. This ensures that the trailer’s
lights and brakes work in tandem with the vehicle hauling it.

Weight Distribution and Sway Control:

When towing larger and heavier trailers, weight distribution and sway control systems can be added to the towbar assembly to enhance stability and manoeuvrability.

Towbars are available in a variety of forms and configurations, including fixed, detachable, and retractable designs. The choice of towbar depends on the vehicle owner’s specific towing requirements and preferences. In addition, it is crucial to consider the towing capacity of both the towing vehicle and the towbar. Otherwise exceeding these limits can be hazardous and may result in accidents. Installation and maintenance of the towbar must be performed correctly for safe towing.

Why Are towbars popular in the UK

Due to the popularity of caravanning and transporting trailers in the United Kingdom, towbars are a popular vehicle accessory.

The popularity of towbars in the United Kingdom is due to the following factors:

In the United Kingdom, caravanning is a popular pastime. This is because many people own or rent caravans to experience the countryside. Towing caravans requires towbars, allowing families to convey their mobile homes.

Towing trailers is a prevalent practise in the United Kingdom, whether for transporting garden tools, furniture, or larger items. Numerous households and businesses utilise trailers for the transportation of products or materials.

Sailboats are transported to and from the coast, rivers, and lakes using towbars. The United Kingdom is home to a sizeable watercraft populace due to its extensive coastline and numerous waterways.

Some individuals attach bike carriers to their vehicles using towbars. This allows them to transport bicycles to cycling events or destinations.

In rural areas where horseback riding is prevalent, towbars are commonly used to draw horse trailers.

Moving and do-it-yourself undertakings requiring the transportation of large objects and materials also utilise towbars.

So it is not surprising that towbar installation is in high demand.
Because towbars are installed on vehicles, local towbar installation companies are frequently utilised.

Online searches for such services, such as “towbar fitters near me,” are very popular.

TrailerTREK Towbars have towbar fitters near you

TrailerTREK Towbars have grown over the years to be a highly reputable mobile towbar installation company.
We always endeavour to provide superior customer service. The installation of our towbars is always top quality. In the unlikely event of a problem, we will fix itimmediately. We will aslo guarantee the fix in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Our towbar sales team is courteous and knowledgeable. They will guide you through the towbar installation if necessary and recommending cost-effective alternatives.

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