Fleet Vehicles – New Service Offered – Speed Limiters

Trailetrek Towbars don’t just fit towbars to your fleet and company vehicles we can install speed limiters to them. Call us for more information

Call – 0330 1133 977 to find out more

Trailertrek Towbars Can Install Speed Limitiation Device to your fleet

Speed limitation devices assist your company in firstly saving fuel but also ensuring your fleet are not speeding and being susceptible to fines from the local Constabulary….

Simple Solution To Keep Your Drivers Safe

We code your fleet using our new re-programming and coding tool which seemlessly operates with your vehicles ECU.

Speed Limiters – The Way Forward In Fleet Safety

Trailetrek Speed Limiters – Safety For Your Drivers

Cost Effective Solution

Fleet drivers can drive too quickly, but we all want our employees to stay safe, drive carefully and adhere to the speed restrictions enforced on our roads. Safety is paramount and this simple yet cost effective solution to limiting speed in company vehicles is a must for the safety conscious fleet manager

A Must For Fleet Managers

Give Trailertrek Towbars a call and we will talk your through how to get your fleet limited to the speed you desire.

Call our friendly team and we will advise on the best way to install our speed limiters to your fleets of company vehicles.
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