Spring Is Round The Corner Dust Off Your Caravan As The Caravan Sites Will Be Open Soon

Check your rig so you know its working and in tip top condition.

Spring is in the air and we’re ready to start some serious towbar fitting.

Its going to be a busy season for towbar fitting, flights are still grounded and holidaying at home will become the norm for sometime to come. Don’t worry we at Trailertrek Towbars will be there to install your towbar professionally at your home or work.

Check your batteries.

Your caravans and motorhomes have been stood for sometime so don’t forget to charge your batteries up. A common problem when you arrive at your destination is that you find that your battery isn’t charging and you are unable to power your lights and other electrical items .

Its always a good a time to remove your battery and charge it up on a slow charge to ensure it is on point and operating properly when you get to your destination. Always charge your battery whilst disconnected to the caravan. This will ensure that there is no overload to your circuits that are connected to it.

Don’t delay give us a call to get your towbar fitting booked in

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