Keeping Your Caravan / Motorhome’s Exterior Clean and Tidy…..

A little exterior attention goes along way……
Keeping your motorhome in tiptop condition and sparkly…..!!!

A good exterior clean will make your leisure vehicle look great and will protect it as well. If you can’t be bothered to clean the exterior there are professionals that can make your caravan or motorhome look like new.

Assuming that you will be cleaning it yourself then before you get out your hose then have a walk round the caravan van and make sure you have enough room to clean it. When you’re happy with the position ensure that you pitch your caravan at an angle so the water.

Always Start At The Top and Work Down The Caravan…

Always pay particular attention to the roof which collects the majority of algae, leaves, debris and its where mold grows. Don’t be tempted to walk on your caravan roof use a step ladder from the side.

Wash, Polish and Wax

Hose the outfit down to loosen the dirt and get rid of leaves etc…

Try not to use a pressure washer as this can rip out the seals and inject water into the seams of the van.

Use a specialist cleaning fluid and work around the van washing it off in stages… Auto glym is a premium cleaning product which is extremely good but there are others on the market which can do the job.

Don’t let the cleaner dry on the exterior….

Polish the exterior using a liquid polish which will leave a protective film on your van or motorhome. Once applied leave for around 20minutes or what the manufacturer recommends and then buff / polish in. The final stage is to wax it which forms a further protective barrier on the caravan and gives it that new shine creating a barrier for dirt and water.

Water will forms beads on the surface of your van and you will know its protected properly.

The windows and skylights of your van or motorhome are delicate and are susceptible to scratches so use a microfibre cloth and products like Auto Glyms “Fast Glass” which gives it an awesome shine.

Try not to wash over peeling graphics as they will peel off.

Invest in a good quality brush that is soft and a blade for removing the water.

Enjoy your sparkly clean caravan or motorhome – We hope it looks like new…..!!!

Trailertrek Sales and Office Team
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